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Book Release Date – January 15th, 2020

Writing this novel has made me appreciate what other writers can do with their words, by creating a story that can have the power to awaken emotions from within. The spoken word is easily forgotten but the written word can last forever.

I cannot think of a better gift to share this mystical love story with the world, with the goal of a release date just in time for the new year. My hope is that it stays etched in the heart, will be magically entertaining and “Unforgotten”.

Available in Paperback and ebook

When wife and mother, Ava Morgan, is taken by surprise after losing her husband to a younger woman, her whole world collapses, and she is forced to reevaluate her entire life, as well as her own self-worth. Manifestations of a man start to appear to her visually, as she questions her true path in life. She is led to a lost world, an unforgotten world that is a part of her in a way she could never have imagined. There, she learns who she truly is and finds an impassioned love she has never known with the one man who has always been there for her.

Romantic, magical, and deeply moving, The Unforgotten World of Ava is a story that will capture your heart, inspire hope, and stay with you forever.


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